General Discipline

On all working days except Wednesday and Saturday students will wear the prescribed school uniform. Pupils will wear their P.T. Dress (White) on Wednesday and on Saturday tracksuits with house T- Shirt . It is the responsibility of the parents to send their children to school in time, late comers are liable to be penalized.
Students may not attend school when suffering from measles, mumps, cholera, heavy cold or any such infectious disease. They may return to class after being cleared by a medical practitioner.
Students absent from class even for a day, shall submit an application signed by their parents. The students will not be allowed to attend classes if he/she is not in proper school uniform. Students who lack obedience, refuse to respect their teacher or break any of the school rules shall be penalized/punished.
Parents should (in the interest of their children) avoid going to the classes. Second Saturday of every month is kept for parent - teacher meeting .
Every third Saturday the School will be closed.
Working Saturday will be full days.
Students absent during any examination will be marked absent. No re-examination will be conducted.
Students are not allowed to bring any valuables or cash with them. Any loss of expensive items will be the responsibility of the child/parent.
Mobile Phones and two wheelers are strictly prohibited.

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